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Hanukkah music for grown-ups

By , December 5, 2014 3:13 pm

Kenny ellisEveryone loves the traditional Hanukkah songs we all learned in childhood.  We teach these songs to our children and our grandchildren. L’dor v’dor.

Today we highlight an album that encourages us to experience Hanukkah as an adult. Embracing the mood and sounds of Swing and Jazz era music, Kenny Ellis has created a truly one-of-a-kind album.

The album includes many old favorites and two wonderful medleys that evoke an upbeat Post WW2 vibe. This is Hanukkah music as you have never heard it before.

Hanu-calypso is so funny that it just might  replace Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song as my go-to Hanukkah ditty.

For more information about Kenny Ellis or to purchase this CD, click here.

For more Hanukkah songs,click here.

Chanukah music for everyone

By , November 15, 2010 2:43 pm

Chanukah celebrations are joyous occasions, with lots of holiday gifts, decorations and parties.

The eight-day festival of Chanukah retells a story that teaches about hope, the importance of maintaining Jewish traditions, and the symbolic power of light.

Of course, at the Judaica Sound Archives we celebrate Chanukah with music!

This year we have put together a wonderful collection of songs that will entertain and delight the entire family. From the Children’s Village Choir singing Hanukkah is Here to Moshe Oysher singing Maoz Tzur with his sister Fraydele and his niece Marilyn Michaels, the songs in this collection express the essence of the holiday. Joyous songs, children’s songs that teach about the holiday, traditional songs, and a new twist on an old favorite have been included.

Please accept this gift of music for you and your family from the Judaica Sound Archives along with our best wishes for a Happy Chanukah!

This special collection is for your listening pleasure only.

Due to US Copyright laws these songs may not be copied, reproduced or sold.

Click to hear all 18 songs  or listen to your your favorites.

Selections from the following albums were used to create  JSA Chanukah Music Mix 2010. Choose any title to hear the entire album.

(1) Hanukkah SingALong III by Children’s Village Choir
(2) Chanukah Favorites by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

(3) Happy Chanukah! by Fran Avni

(4) The Chanukah Collection by Safam

(5) The Oysher Heritage by Moshe Oysher, Fraydele Oysher, Marilyn Michaels

(6) Gerer Holiday Songs by Cantor David Werdyger

(7) Isaac Goodfriend Sings Hanukka Songs by Cantor Isaac Goodfriend

(8) Chanukah Songs for Children by Shimon & Ilana Gewirtz

(9) Make a Chanukah Miracle by Cantor Benjamin Maissner

(10) Songs for Hanukkah by Jewish Education Commission of NY

(11) Holidays in the Sephardic Heritage by Chaim Parchi

(12) Just in time for Chanukah by Rosenthal & Safyan

(13) Latkes & Hamentashen by Fran Avni

(14) Celebrate with Cindy by Cindy Paley

(15) The Three Jewish Tenors Live! by Mizrachi, Finkelstein, Propis

(16) Chanukah is Freylekh by Lori Cahan-Simon Ensemble

Chanukah music for the whole family

By , December 9, 2009 10:28 am


You might think that Adam Sandler has the last word when it comes to Chanuka songs.  But you would be wrong! The Judaica Sound Archives has hundreds of Chanukah songs that your whole family can enjoy. This year’s Chanukah Mix highlights 17 songs by some of our favorite JSA performers.

You might also enjoy these holiday albums:

Chanukah Favorites – Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

Chanukah Festival of Songs – Sidor Belarsky

Chanukah is Freylekh! – Lori Cahan Simon

Chanukah Melodies – Honore Singer

Chanukah Songs For Children – Shimon & ilana Gewirtz

Hanukkah Sing-A-Long

Hanukkah Sing-A-Long II

Hanukkah Sing-A-Long III

Hanukkah The Feast of Lights – Emanuel Rosenberg

Happy Channukah! – Fran Avni

Isaac Goodfriend Sings Hanukka Songs – Isaac Goodfriend

Kinder Songs – Holiday Songs for the Entire Family – Deborah Katchko-Gray

Latkes and Hamentashen – Fran Avni

Make a Chanukah Miracle – Cantor Benjamin Maissner

Mother Goose Rhymes for Chanukah – Honore Singer

The Chanukah Collection – Safam

The Chanukah Party – Fred Vogel (Narration), Jesse Silverstein (Songs)

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