Five Timeless Chanukah Melodies

By , December 7, 2023 6:57 pm

As Chanukah draws near, the air is infused with the traditions and melodies that have graced this festival for generations, resonating with the echoes of five timeless Chanukah melodies. Within FAU Libraries’ Recorded Sound Archives, our extensive collection spans decades, preserving the essence of Chanukah through a wide array of formats—cassettes, 78rpm, LPs, and CDs.


Amidst our Judaic collection resides a treasury of music embodying the spirit and significance of Chanukah. This festive season, we warmly invite you to explore five cherished Chanukah songs from our diverse archives:

Five Timeless Chanukah Melodies

  1. Maoz Tsur” by Cindy Paley
  2. Discover what Chanukah was like in 1959, with this Vistas of Israel recording.
  3. Chanukah Piano Medley” by Benjamin Roth-Aroni
  4. Enjoy a staff favorite “Chanukah, Chag Yaffeh Kol Kach; Hava Nadleeka; Brachot” by Gladys Gewirtz and Eve Lippman
  5. Dreydle by Ariel Silber

These recordings, curated across several years, offer a glimpse into Chanukah’s musical legacy. They weave a narrative of resilience, joy, and celebration, encapsulating the essence of the Festival of Lights.

From timeless renditions of traditional hymns to soul-stirring melodies recounting Chanukah’s miraculous events. Our collection mirrors the diversity and depth of this beloved holiday.

Exploring our collections, you’ll immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of spinning dreidels, joyous celebrations. And heartfelt prayers of gratitude that define Chanukah.

Join us on this musical journey! Delving into melodies that transcend time, spreading joy and commemorating miracles that continue to illuminate Chanukah for generations. To explore our Chanukah Collection, click here. Follow us on social media and Facebook for updates on new collections and more!

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