Josef Rosenblatt

Cantor Josef Rosenblatt was a phenomenon of his time. Deeply religious and observant, his voice was most glorious within the context of the synagogue.  Yet, he was acclaimed by Jews and Gentiles alike for his thrilling concert and theatrical performances which were motivated more by financial need than any desire for success.  He would have been an unlikely super-star, standing barely more than five feet tall, were it not for his superb coloratura, the sweetness of his timbre, his unique ability to move into falsetto effortlessly, and his incredible vocal range. Although he died over 75 years ago, he is still widely regarded as foremost among chazzans.

The son of a Ruzhiner Chassid chazzan, Rosenblatt toured with his father and brother to help supplement the family income. Although only a young boy he was blessed with perfect pitch and it soon became obvious that he was the one that the crowds came to hear. He accepted his first full-time position in Munkacs, Hungary as a newly married eighteen year old. Within the year he moved on to Pressburg, Hungary where he stayed for the next five years. During this time he published a collection of recitatives and made his first phonograph recording.

In 1906 he moved to Hamburg, Germany where his family grew to number seven children. When he was invited to make a guest appearance at New York’s Congregation Ohab Zedek in 1912 he so impressed the congregation that they offered him a position with the highest salary ever paid to a cantor in the USA.

These recordings were produced prior to 1923 and are in the public domain.

Total: 175

A Bis'l Taam (A Little Flavor)
A Concert with 'Yossele' Rosenblatt, Volume 11
Achenu Kol Beth Israel; Achenu Kol Beth Israel - T...
Akavyoh Ben Mahalalel
Akavyoh Ben Mahalalel
Al Chet (The Original)
Ato Jozarto
Ato Yozarto
Ato Yozarto (Shaboth Rosh Chodesh Prayer)
Atto Yozarto
Cantor Josef Rosenblatt (1908-09) Vol. 1
Cantor Josef Rosenblatt (1913) Vol. 2
Cantor Josef Rosenblatt (1914-15) Vol. 3
Cantor Josef Rosenblatt (1916) Vol. 4
Cantor Josef Rosenblatt (1916-17) Vol. 5
Cantor Josef Rosenblatt (1918-20) Vol. 6
Cantor Josef Rosenblatt (1921-23) Vol. 7
Cantor Yosele Rosenblatt in the Land of Israel Vol...
Cantor Yosele Rosenblatt Sings his Original Compos...
Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt Sings a Synagogue Servic...
Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt Sings Best loved Cantori...
Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt Sings his Most Famous Ca...
Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt Sings His Original Chass...
Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt Sings Yiddish Folk Songs...
Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt's 40th Anniversary Memor...
Cantorial Gems
Cantorial Gems - Volume 3
Cantorial Masterpieces - Volume 9
Cantorial Rarities
Chazanim and Chazanut - Cantors and Cantorials
Concert with the Great Cantors
Der Neuer Omar Rabbi Elosor
Di naye hatikvo
Eili, Eili
El Molei Rachmim
El Molei Rachmim (sic) [Eil Malei Rachamim]
Elokay Ad Schelo Nozarti
Elokay Neshomo
Es Zemach Dovid (sic) [Et Tzemach David]
From Generation to Generation - Volume 16, Parts 3...
Gems of the Synagogue
Gems of the Synagogue
Geshem [Tfilot Nisham Ershter Teil]
Golden Voices of Israel
Golden Voices of Israel
Golden Voices of Israel - Volume 3
Golden Voices of Israel No 3
Golden Voices of Israel The High Holidays
Golden Voices of Israel Yiddish Masterieces
Golden Voices of the Synagogue
Great Cantors of the Past - Volume 1
Great Voices of Israel
Great Voices of the Synagogue
Habet Mishomaim
Hajom Haras Olom
Haom Haras Olom
Hinenee Heoni-Mimaas
Hineni Heoni Mimaas
Hineni Heoni Mimaas
Hinini Heoni Mimaas
Hu Elokenn (sic) [Hu Eloheinu]
Jehi Rozon - Rosh Chodesh
Jehi rozon rosch chodesch
Jehi Rozon Rosch Chodesch
Jehi Rozon, from Rosh Chodesh (sic) [Y’hi Ratzon...
Jewish Nostalgy
Jewish Nostalgy
Ki Him Chayenuy
Kol Nidre
Kol Nidrei
Kol Nidrei
Kol Nidrei
Kol Nidrei
Kol Nidrei (Prayer on Day of Atonement)
L' El oirech dyn
L' El oirech dyn
L' El oirech dyn
Lo Sachmoud (sic) [Lo Tachmod]
Lo-Omus from Halel
Lomir sich iberbeten
Masterpieces of the Synagogue / The Art of Cantor ...
Masterpieces of the Synagogue Volume 1
Masterpieces of the Synagogue Volume 2
Masterpieces of the Synagogue Volume 2
Masterworks of Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt - Volume ...
Masterworks of the Great Cantors
Mazel Tov! More Music of the Jewish People
Mazel Tov! More Music of the Jewish People
Melech Elyon
Melech, Rachmon (sic) [Melech Rachaman]; Ve Korev ...
Meloch al kol Hoolom
Meloch al kol Hoolom
Meloch al kol Hoolom
Mi Scheberach
My Yiddishe Momme
Mysteries of the Sabbath - Classic Cantorial Recor...
Newly Discovered Cantorial Music of Cantor Yossele...
Ninety Minutes with 'Yosele' Rosenblatt
Omar Rabbi Elosor
Omar Rabbi Elosor; Sorea Zdukaus
Oshamnu Mikol Om (sic) [Ashamnu Mikol Am]
Oshamnu Mikol Om (sic) [Ashamnu Mikol Am]
Ovinu Malkeinu Galeh
Ow Horachamim
R'tze asirosom
Rachem Noo
Rachem Noo (Gewidmet Dem Judeschen Folk)
Rare Cantorial Gems
Remembering the Titanic
Rezeh Asirosom; Es Zemach Dovid
Ribon Haolamim
Ribono Shel Olom (From Sefirah)
Ribono Shel Olom (From Sefirah)
Ribono Shel Olom (from Sfiroh)
Ribono Shel Olom Teil "Sefirah"
Rom W'Niso
Rom W'nisso
Rosh Hashonah
Sabbath Part One
Sabbath Part Two
Seven Great Cantors
Shalom - Music of the Jewish People
Shir Hamalois
Shir Hamalois
Shir Hamalois
Shoifer Shel Moshiach
Shoifer Shel Moshiach
Shoifer Shel Moshiach
Sholosh R'Golim - The Three Festivals
Songs of My People
Sorea Zdukos
Tal (Fur Pessach)
Tal (Fur Pessach)
Ten Great Cantors
The Art of Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt - Volumes 17,...
The Art of the Cantor, Vol 1
The Great Cantors
The Incomparable Josef Rosenblatt
Tka B'Shofar, from
Tke Beschofor
Umipne Chatoenu (sic) [Umipnei Chataeinu]
Umipnu Chatuenu
Uvinu Malkeinu galeh (sic) [Avinu Malkeinu Galei]
Uvnucho Yomar - Part 1
Wchol Maaminim
We'af hu boyu mis'chaven
Wehal Yday Ov Horachmin
Wyirushulaim (sic) [V'lirushalayim]
Wyirushulaim (sic) [V'lirushalayim]
Y'hi Rotzon (sic) [Y'hi Ratzon]
Yaale v'yovo
Yaleh (sic) [Ya-aleh]
Yaleh (sic) [Ya-aleh]
Yehi Rozon, from Rosch Chodesh
Yehi Rozon, from Rosch Chodesh
Yhi Rozon Milifne Ovinu
Yiddish Masterpieces
Yossele Rosenblatt - The Earliest Recordings
Zadik Adoshem Behol Drochow ( from Slichoth)
Zadik Rabbi Elosor (sic) [Tzaddik Rabbi Elazar], f...
Zaroh Chayu
Zelner fun Tsion