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Celebrate Passover with Music from Cantors Michael Kyrr & David Unterman

By , March 29, 2018 1:25 pm

songs-for-passover-jewish-education-committee of nyLooking for music to enjoy with family and friends this Passover? Here at the Recorded Sound Archives at FAU Libraries, we would like to highlight the voices of Cantor Michael Kyrr, Cantor David Unterman and Joan Mey a few artists out of several available in the Passover Collection off the album, Songs for Passover.

This album was produced by the Jewish Education Committee of New York, in 1965 and was compiled by Harry Coopersmith to help engage youngsters in the customs and traditions of the Jewish religion. These recordings reflect a time in American history when Conservative Jewish educators sought to spirtually bind Jews together through song.

To listen to this album, click here.

To view other recordings by the Jewish Education Committee of New York, click here.


passover-2016-subpage-slideOPTIONDiscover over 40 other recordings for you to enjoy with family and friends in the Passover Collection.


Celebrate Passover with music from the Recorded Sound Archives

By , April 13, 2016 4:36 pm

Passover marks the liberation of the Israelites from 400 years of slavery in ancient Egypt. Moses tried to convince Pharaoh to let the Israelites go free with words and demonstrations of God’s AWESOME power.

When Pharaoh wouldn’t concede, Moses proceeded to bring about the 10 plagues.

You can read more about the plagues, here.

The 10th plague, the death of every Egyptian first born including Pharaoh’s young son, was too much for Pharaoh and he finally let them go. God instructed the Israelites to mark their doorposts with the blood of a slaughtered lamb so that he would know to pass over those homes. This is where the name Passover comes from (Exodus 12:11-13). There are actually three other names for this holiday: Holiday of Matzot, Holiday of Freedom, and Holiday of Spring.  But on this holiday, we celebrate the gift of freedom, remember Jewish history through special Seder foods and teach the lessons of the Haggadah (The Telling) to the next generation.

passover-2016-subpage-slideOPTIONAnd this year, the Recorded Sound Archives invites you to add music and song to your family’s Passover traditions and has put together a collection of over 40 recordings for you to enjoy with family and friends this Passover.


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