Kandel Klezmer Orchestra

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Harry Kandel was one of the pioneers of modern Klezmer music. His orchestra consisted of a variety of instruments including the clarinet, trombone, tuba, xylophone, cornet, violin, flute, viola and piano.  Kandel studied at the Odessa Conservatory of music before moving NYC in 1905. In New York he performed in vaudeville as clarinetist with the Great Lafayette Band and also appeared in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

After moving to Philadelphia in 1913 he played with John Philip Sousa’s Band and started his own orchestra in 1916. The 34 songs in this collection were digitized from the original 78 rpm recordings produced by Victor Records from 1917 through 1921, at the height of the Kandel Orchestra’s popularity. Volume one contains their original rendition of Der Stiller Bulgarish which was later recorded by Benny Goodman as And the Angels Sing.

Although most of Kandel’s recordings were with Victor Records he also produced recordings for the Brunswick and Okeh labels. He retired in 1924 spending the rest of his life running a music store, making only occasional live and radio appearances.

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  1. Jen says:

    Klezmer Orchestra uses traditional dance music of European Jews. The orchestra consists of two cornets, four violin, flute, viola, trombone, tuba, piano, xylophone and clarinet. The genre of their music is acoustic and folk. They are one of the best performers in social music entertainment today.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Victor Jewish…list is replete with instrumental numbers including many popular traditional numbers…played by Kandells Orchestra Elenkrigs Orchestra Stupels Orchestra and Rumshiskys…Orchestra – Voice Of Victor…..Victor didnt call these records Klezmer in fact at that..time very few people did but thats exactly what they were To be pedantic they..were largely modem Klezmer reflecting the experience of the new world as well..as nostalgia for the old…..The roots of Klezmer lie lost in the folds of the middle ages but Henry Sapoznik..in The Compleat Klezmer traced the earliest authentic reference to somewhere..in the 16th Century. Kandel of the Peoples Talking Machine Company arranged with the management…for permission to distribute cards at every performance announcing the record and…where it could be obtained. The insert oval shows Mister Kandel and the large illustration…pictures some of his sales efforts immense streamers and sidewalk hieroglyphics …and also the results of them a sizeable crowd…..At each of the three stores of the Peoples Talking Machine…Company it was found necessary to have Yukels tied up in delivery envelopes…ready to pass out to customers who stood in line waiting to buy one…….Mister Kandel besides being an aggressive business man who knows his foreign field …is an excellent musician nd as leader of Kandels Orchestra has made a number of…fine Victor records much on demand among the Jewish people……..A few Klezmer Orchestras were appearing while the Great War was still being fought..in Europe and one of these Kandells Orchestra turned out to be perhaps..the best-loved of all American Klezmer bands.

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