Kandels Orchestra

 Harry Kandel was one of the pioneers of modern Klezmer music. His orchestra consisted of a variety of instruments including the clarinet, trombone, tuba, xylophone, cornet, violin, flute, viola and piano.  Kandel studied at the Odessa Conservatory of music before moving NYC in 1905. In New York he performed in vaudeville as clarinetist with the Great Lafayette Band and also appeared in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

After moving to Philadelphia in 1913 he played with John Philip Sousa’s Band and started his own orchestra in 1916. The 34 songs in this collection were digitized from the original 78 rpm recordings produced by Victor Records from 1917 through 1921, at the height of the Kandel Orchestra’s popularity. Volume one contains their original rendition of Der Stiller Bulgarish which was later recorded by Benny Goodman as And the Angels Sing.

Although most of Kandel’s recordings were with Victor Records he also produced recordings for the Brunswick and Okeh labels. He retired in 1924 spending the rest of his life running a music store, making only occasional live and radio appearances.


These recordings were produced prior to 1923 and are in the public domain.

Total: 44

A Bis'l Taam (A Little Flavor)
A Freylachs Die Mamma Is gegangen In Mark Arein; A...
A Laibediga Honga; Froeliche Rusiska
A Yiddisha Honga (Hebrew Dance); Lebedig Und Freyl...
Ba A Glassella Wein; Baah Menuchan Layageah
Bucharester Bulgar; Yasser Bulgar
Chevre, nit gezorgt; Der muzinikel
Choosin kalle mazeltov; Bapolier Freylachs
Der Broiges Tanz; Die Lustige Chsideem
Der Ferginegen Fin Tatta Mamma; A Nacht In Gan Ade...
Der Nicolaiver Bulgar
Der Zaide Mit Die Babba
Die Chasidim Forren Tsum Rebbin
Doina and Hora (Hebrew Dance)
Dus Geliebte Palestina
Dus Zekele Geld
Flaskadriga - Dance of the
Freylacher Choosid
Kandel's Orchestra (1917-1918) Vol. 1
Kandel's Orchestra (1921) Vol. 2
Kandel's Orchestra (1921) Vol. 3
Kiever Bulgar
Klassic Klezmer - CD 1
Klassic Klezmer - CD 2
Klezmer - The Rough Guide to Klezmer
Klezmer Music - Early Yiddish Instrumental Music -...
Klezmer Music - The First Recordings: 1910-1927
Klezmer Music 1910-1942
Klezmer Pioneers 1905-1952
Lebedig Und Freylach
Machotonim A Heim
Mohlever Bulgar
Odessar Bulgarish
Rusiche Shaer
Russishe Komarinska
Russishe Komarinska
Serba Popilor
Sha! Tanz [Der shtumer tants]
Tzurik Kein Zion
Yasser Bulgar
Yekatarinslaver Bulgar