Leib Glantz

Leib Glantz lived in the United States from 1926 until he fulfilled his dream of moving to Israel in 1954. He was the last, and perhaps the greatest cantor of the “Golden Age of Chazanut.”

The quality of his musical education, his penetrating knowledge of the Hebrew language, and his deep philosophical religiosity, enabled him to create musical interpretations of the prayers that brought new light and meaning to every word. The words he sang seemed destined to rise like angels into the heavens. To listen to him was like witnessing a man speaking to God! He had a voice that sang like no other voice. Many cantors have tried to imitate his singing, but few have felt they have succeeded.

Glantz combined his cantorial with fervent and tireless Zionist activism. He edited a Zionist newspaper and became a leader in the Zionist movement in Eastern Europe, in the United States, and lastly, in Israel, fulfilling his lifelong dream.

Leib Glantz was one of the greatest scholars of the origins of Jewish music. His research and the theories he developed firmly established the historical continuity of Jewish music from its beginnings in the Holy Temples of Jerusalem to this very day. He founded an Academy for Cantors in the Tel Aviv Institute for Jewish Liturgical Music.

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Total: 62

Acharei Moti (Elegy)
Adarim; Matay Matay
Ahavas-Oilom; Oz B'kol
Ata Yodeia; Nachp'sa
Birchas Kohanim
Cantorial Gems - Volume 3
Chassidim B'rinah
Chazon V'Shirah (Shirei Omanut-"Vision and Song")
Concert of Synagogue
Dror Yikra
Ein K'erkecha
Gems of the Synagogue - Rare Cantorial Treasures
Golden Voices of Israel
Golden Voices of Israel
Golden Voices of Israel
Golden Voices of Israel
Golden Voices of Israel - Volume 2
Golden Voices of Israel - Volume 3
Golden Voices of Israel Sing For Shabath
Golden Voices of Israel The High Holidays
Great Cantors of the Present
Hallel & Three Festivals
Hallel V'Zimrah
Hassidic Ecstasy - Songs Sacred & Secular
Hebrew Spirituals Chassidic Ecstasy
High Holiday Moods
High Holiday Moods [Kol Yom HaDeen]
High Holidays
High Holidays Music Mix
Highlights of Chassidic Music
Jewish Nostalgy
Jewish Nostalgy
Ki Hinei
L'chu N'rannenu
L'Dovid Mizmor
Machnisei Rachamim
Midnight Selichot Service
Midnight Selichot Service
Mizmor Shir L'Yom Hashabat
Mysteries of the Sabbath - Classic Cantorial Recor...
New Liturgic Chants
Omar Rabbi Elozor (Part 2)
Pearls of Jewish Liturgical Music
Prayer and Song [Recorded 1940-58]
Ribon Ha-Olamim
Rinat Hakodesh
Shabbat Shalom
Shabbat Shalom
Shma Israel
Shma Israel
Shomer Isroel
The Best Cantorial Works of Cantor Leib Glantz
The Leib Glantz Project - Disc 1
The Leib Glantz Project - Disc 2
The Leib Glantz Project - Disc 3
The Man Who Spoke to God, Disc 1
The Man Who Spoke to God, Disc 2
Tiferet Tefilah
Uv'yom Hashabot