Rhapsodies Before Mercury

Before Freddy Mercury with Bohemian Rhapsody there was George Gershwin with Rhapsody in Blue. This collection features over 40 different rhapsodies through time.

What is a Rhapsody you might ask?

A rhapsody is a musical composition free from the confines of musical form and takes on an improvisatory nature when performed.  Rhapsodies give the composer the freedom to enthusiastically express an emotion towards a particular theme or topic. Although first appearing in the early 19th century, the rhapsody has similarities to the Baroque style Prelude and Fantasia with the main differences being the modern day rhapsody is typically longer and covers more emotions.  The rhapsody became very popular in the mid-19th in congruence with the rise of nationalism since it was an excellent musical vehicle for combining national folk tunes with an exuberant pride in one’s country. Today, composers of all different types of genres (jazz, rock, pop) use rhapsodies to express their ideas with total freedom.  

 This collection features over 40 different rhapsodies across our Judaic, Jazz and Vintage collection for you to enjoy.