Elsie Baker

ELSIE BAKER was an American singer and actress whose career spanned the gamut from vaudeville through silent movies to Victrola to radio to Hollywood and television.

She also went by the stage name Edna Brown, when she sang duets with Billy Murray.










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Total: 38

1912: Waitin' on the Levee
A Hundred Years from Now
A Little Birch Canoe and You
A Pefect Day
Beautiful Ohio
Beautiful Ohio
By the Mississippi
Drowsy Baby
Go to Sleep, My Dusky Baby (Dvorak's
Home, Sweet Home
I Love You Truly
If We Were On Our Honeymoon
Indiana Lullaby (Waltz Song)
Jesus, My Saviour
Laughing Song
Lilly Dale
Messiah - He Shall Feed His Flock
My Old Kentucky Home
Oh Promise Me
Picaninny's Lullaby
Remembering the Titanic
Serenade (Sing, Smile, Slumber)
Silent Night, Hallowed Night (Christmas Hymn)
Silver Threads Among the Gold
Somewhere a Voice is Calling
Spring Song of the Robin Woman
Sweet and Low
That Naughty Waltz (Take Me in Your Arms Again and...
The Moon Has Rais'd Her Lamp Above
There's a Long, Long Trail; For Better or For Wors...
Thy Flow'ry Banks o' Lovely River (Melodic 4th Rea...
Venetian Boat Song
Where the Lazy Mississippi Flows
Whispering Hope
Ye Who Have Yearned Alone