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Happy 14th Anniversary BioShock! – Lets Talk Vintage Music!

By , August 27, 2021 7:06 pm

Did you know that the whole BioShock video game franchise features vintage music from the early 1930s-50s? Music can be heard playing on a phonograph throughout Rapture. In total, 30 licensed songs can be heard throughout the game. Here at the Recorded Sound Archives you can discover and listen to 8 of these vintage songs.

This year in celebration of BioShock’s 14th anniversary we created this collection highlighting original recordings that can be heard throughout the Bio Shock video game.

Discover the inspiration behind the video game series BioShock and listen to the ORIGINAL recordings here at the Recorded Sound Archives in the collection below.

Happy 14th Anniversary BioShock!

Happy 14th Anniversary BioShock! - Vintage Music Collection

In this collection you can listen to 8 original recordings or versions of those songs that can be heard throughout the video game itself.

[Click here to visit collection]


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