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Discover Walter Camp the Father of American Football

By , August 19, 2019 1:41 pm

Walter Camp - Daily Dozen ExercisesIn celebration of college football season starting, we wanted to share a recording we have here at the Recorded Sound Archives by Walter Camp known as the Father of American Football.

While working as an adviser to the United States military during World War I, Camp devised a program to help servicemen in both the Navy and Army become more physically fit. Camp wrote a book explaining the exercises and extolling their benefits. This book was later taken and recorded in 1921 and marketed to a wider audience with the Musical Health Builder record sets called the Daily Dozen Health Building Exercises.

The names of the exercises in the original Daily Dozen, as the whole set became known, were hands, grind, crawl, wave, hips, grate, curl, weave, head, grasp, crouch, and wing.

All of which can be heard here at the Recorded Sound Archives, click here to listen.


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