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1912: Waitin' on the Levee
A Bit o' Blarney (Song)
A Little Girl at Home
A Meeting of the Hen-Roost Club
Alcoholic Blues
All Over Nothing at All
An Evening at Mrs. Clancy's Boarding House
Are You from Dixie? ('Cause I'm from Dixie Too); D...
Arrah Wanna
Barney Google
Barney Google
Because I'm Married Now
Bridget O'Flynn (Where've Ya Been?)
By the Sycamore Tree
Carolina in the Morning
Casey Jones
Charley, My Boy
Cheyenne (Shy Ann)
Cheyenne - Parody
Chili Bean
Come Over Here, It's a Wonderful Place
Cut Yourself a Piece of Cake (And Make Yourself at...
D'ye Love Me?
Dardanella Blues
Dear Old Back Yard Days
Doe She Love Me? Postively-Absolutely
Down Among the Sleepy Hills of Ten-Ten-Tennessee
Down by the Gas House (The Werry Woist Part of the...
Down by the Winegar Woiks
Everybody Works But Father
Flow Along, River Tennessee (To the Home of the Gi...
From Here to Shanghai; Napoleon (from the Musical ...
Gasoline Gus and His Jitney Bus; Aunt Dinah's Gold...
Goodbye Girls, I'm Through
Goodbye Mr. Greenback
Grizzly Bear
Hands Up
High Brown Blues
Honey Boy
How Sorry You'll Be (Wait'll You See); He Went in ...
How Sorry You'll Be (Wait'll You See); He Went in ...
How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm? (After The...
I Can't Get Over a Girl Like You (Loving a Boy Lik...
I Can’t Get Over a Girl Like You (Loving a Boy L...
I f War is What Sherman Said it Was
I Gave You Up Just Before You Threw Me Down
I Want to See My Tennessee
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
I'll Say She Does
I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark
I'm Goin' Out if Lizzie Comes In
I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now; Wait Till ...
If You Ever Get Lonely
In My Heart, On My Mind, All Day Long
In My Merry Oldsmobile
It Take the Irish to Beat the Dutch
Jimbo, Jambo
Keep Your Skirts Down Mary Ann
Kicky-Koo - Kicky-Koo (You for Me - Me for You)
Lazy Bill (A Volunteer of Rest)
Lazy Moon (Johnson)
Let It Alone
Lucia Sextette Burlesque
Ma Pickaninny Babe
Mandy, How Do You Do?/I'd like to be a soldier boy...
Meet Me Down at Luna, Lena
Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis
Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis
Melon Time in Dixieland
My Cousin Caruso
My Dream of the Big Parade
My Irish Maid
My Papa Doesn't Two-time No Time
No One Loves You Any Better Than Your M-A-double M...
Not Because Your Hair is Curly
Not Because Your Hair Is Curly
Nothing to Do 'Til Tomorrow
O Katharina!
Oh Gee! Say Gee! You Ought to See My Gee Gee from ...
Oh Mabel
Oh Say! Can I See You Tonight
Oh! By Jingo! (Oh! By Gee! You're the Only Girl Fo...
On San Francisco Bay
Parody on
Pedro the Hand-organ Man
Put On Your Slippers and Fill Up Your Pipe (You're...
Rebecca (Came Back from Mecca)
Sahara (We'll Soon Be Dry Like You)
She Gives Them All the Ha! Ha! Ha! ; Stop! Look! L...
She Wouldn't Do What I Asked Her To
Silver Bell
Sweet Cider Time When You are Mine; Way Down in Ar...
Sweet Peggy Magee
Take Your Finger Out of Your Mouth (I Want a Kiss ...
That Hula Hula
That Old Gang of Mine
That's the Fellow I Want to Get
That's Why I Never Married
The Alcoholic Blues; I'm Goin' to Settle Down Outs...
The Funny Bunny Hug
The Last Long Mile
The Little Ford Rambled Right Along; Auntie Skinne...
The New Parson at Darktown Church
The Ragtime Violin
The Yankee Doodle Boy
Wait Till You Get Them Up in the Air, Boys
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
Waltz Me Around Again Willie
Way Down on Tampa Bay
When I See All the Loving They Waste On Babies (I ...
When I Send You a Picture of Berlin (You'll Know I...
When My Baby Smiles; The Irish Were Egyptians Long...
When Tony Goes Over the Top
When We Were Two Little Boys
When You Hear Jackson Moan on his Saxophone
Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday on Saturd...
Yankee Doodle's Come to Town
Yankee Rose ; I'M Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover
Yes! We have No Bananas
You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet
You May Be Fast But Your Mamma's Gonna' Slow You D...
You'd Be Surprised
You'd Be Surprised
You've Got to See Mamma Ev'ry Night (Or You Can't ...