David Roitman

CANTOR DAVID ROITMAN was a distinguished cantor known for his unique lyric tenor voice and for composing his own music. Cantor David Roitman was born in November 1, 1884 in the Russian (now Ukrainian) province of Podolia. Roitman became immersed in music at age 12, when he became the choral assistant to a cantor in a nearby town. In his youth, Roitman was also apprentice to cantors Yankel Sorover and Zeidel Rovner. After completing his training with Rovner, Roitman moved to St Petersburg to study music on a post-graduate level at the conservatory.

From 1904 to 1909, Roitman worked as cantor at the Jewish Temple in Elisavetgrad. In 1909, Roitman moved to Vilnius and worked there for 4 years. In 1912, Roitman returned to St. Petersburg where he held the position of head cantor at the Ginsburg Synagogue until 1917, when his congregation was destroyed by revolutionaries.

Following this tragic event, Roitman fled to Odessa where he founded the Hebrew Music School. However, the government dismantled Reitman’s school in 1920 and Roitman was forced to flee once again.  Roitman briefly lived in Moldova and gave concerts throughout Romania.

In 1921, Roitman emigrated to The United States and settled in Brooklyn, NY.  In 1924, Roitman joined the Shaare Zedek Congregation where he led service until his death on April 4, 1943. Roitman was survived by his wife Sonya and their 5 children who continued to preserve his legacy.

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