Sidor Belarsky

A graduate of the State Conservatory at Leningrad and former leading basso of the Leningrad State Opera Company, Sidor Belarsky arrived in America on February 8, 1930 with his wife and daughter.

From 1932 through 1936, he lived in Los Angeles, where he embarked on a singing career with the Los Angeles Symphony. Belarsky's career in Jewish music followed this period. Although he devoted much of his time to teaching music at the Jewish Teachers Seminary in New York City, he regularly gave concerts throughout Europe, the Middle East, Canada, South Africa and South America. He visited and sang in Israel in 1948 to celebrate its birth. In 1951 he traveled there again to make the documentary film, "Shalom Israel".

As a pre-eminent collector, disseminator and interpreter of classic cantorial music, Chassidic nigunim, Yiddish folk songs and Hebrew songs from Israel, he has breathed new life into songs that might have otherwise been forgotten.


Music of Sidor Belarsky courtesy of Isabel Belarsky.
This project was funded by The Suchman Family Foundation



Total: 75

A Concert of Jewish Music
A Concert of Jewish Music
A Din-Toire Mit Got ; Frumeleh
A Maisele; Ergetz Vait
A Nign; Der Balagole
Chanukah Festival of Songs
Concert of Russian Music
Dem Milner's Trern ; Dem Zeidens Broche
Dem Milner's Trern/Dem Zeidens Broche
Dem Milner's Trern; Dem Zeidens Bruche
Der Becher/Dremlender Yingele
Der Becher/Tanchum; Tanchum
Dos Gebet / Gein Darf Men Gein
Dos Gebet / Reisele
Du Fregst Mich/A Zemer
Es Flatern Bleter / Der Ner Tomid
Es Flatern Bleter / Vig-Lig
Favorite Yiddish Songs
Festival of Music for Sukkos & Simchas Torah
Florentine Song; Autumn
From Boarder To Boarder
Frumele/A Klein Melamedl
Gein Darf Men Gein / A Nign
Gut Shabes
Gut Shabes ; Der Gemore Nign
Haflei Vafele
Hassidic Melodies
Hassidic Melodies
Highlights of Chassidic Music
Hobo Song
Hof Un Gloib/Der Kremer
Ich Bin Abisl Groi/Josl Ber
Jewish Melodies
Kacha ; Yerushalayim
Kacha, Kach ; Yo Adir
Mein Shtetele / Dem Milner's Trern
Ner Tomid/Der Baal Agole
Olim ; Yo Adir
Once Upon a Time
Partisan Song ; Eibik
Purim Festival in Town Hall
Reizele/Zeit Gezund
Remember - Songs of the Holocaust
Roumanian Medley
Russian Operatic Arias
Seder Nights
Seder Nights with Sidor Belarsky
Shabes Beim Sholosh S'udos/Dos Elente Kind
Shir Ha'emek ; Etz Harimon
Shir Haligionot ; Shir Eres
Sholosh Sudos/Yam Lied
Sholosh Sudos/YamLied
Shterendl/A Yiddisher Nign
Sidor Belarsky in Rosh Hashana T'Filos Vi mein Zei...
Sidor Belarsky in songs by M. Gebertig
Sidor Belarsky in Songs by Soviet Yiddish Poets an...
Sidor Belarsky sings A Salute To Israel's 20 Anniv...
Sidor Belarsky sings Select Yiddish Songs
Sidor Belarsky sings Select Yiddish Songs
Sidor Belarsky Sings...the Hopes and Dreams of the...
Songs of Israel
Special Requests
Veulai ; Shir Hashamisha
We Sat Together/Not a Word
Yiddish Melodies
Yiddish Song Recital
Zol Noch Sein Shabos
Zwei Briv/Shabes Beim Shalosh Sudos