Molly Picon

She was an actress, singer, and comedian whose career spanned over 70 years. Debuting in the Yiddish Theater at the age of 6 she emerged as a respected American actress, performing with Frank Sinatra in Come Blow Your Horn (1963), and having starring roles on Broadway in Milk & Honey (1961) and the film, Fiddler on the Roof (1971).

Molly Picon’s career followed Yiddish culture from the shtetl into mainstream America. Small and very youthful-looking she often had to fight to be taken seriously. She wore male clothing as a disguise through most of her breakout performance in Yidl Mit’n Fidl (1936) and many of her other early roles, including the well-known “Yankele.” In today’s world she might be considered to be a voice for women’s rights.

The Judaica Sound Archives at FAU Libraries honors the work and life of Molly Picon. The JSA Molly Picon Sound Collection contains over 60 of her earliest recordings and four of her later LP albums.


Music in this collection courtesy of Collector's Guild & Musique Internationale.


Total: 54

A Bisel Liebe; Tzipke
A Yiddishe Chasene; Gram Shtram
Abi Gesind; Yiddish
Abi Gesind; Yiddish
Abi Gesind; Yiddish
Amerike, Molly Picon as "Motl"
Azoi vet zein mein meidele befor der chassene; Azo...
Busy Busy; Believe It Or Not
Dem Zaidens Nigun; In A Yiddish Shtetele
Dem Zaidens Nigun; In A Yiddish Shtetele
Dus Zigainer Madel
Farges Mich Nit
Fargess Mich Nit
Fiddler on the Roof
Fiddler on the Roof
Hot Dogs
Hut A Yid A Veibele
Ich Hab A Katarrh In Mein Nooz
Jewish Folk Songs
Liebe Fun Fershiedene Felker
Living in America
Luz Zich, Tillie, Luz Zich
Mazel - Brocheh
Meine Millionen
Memories of the Yiddish Theater
Milk and Honey
Molly Dolly
Molly Picon at the Yiddish Theatre
Molly Picon Sings Song Hits of the Yiddish Theatre
Molly Picon: Yiddish Caravan of Stars
Musicomedy Revve #2
Musicomedy Revve #4
O Vet Der Rebbi Shmeisen
Oi Vet Mich Der Rebe Shmeitzen
Oi, Iz Dos A Meidel
Oie s'is geven gut far mein mamen iz es gut far mi...
Pinky's In A Pickle
Shalom - Music of the Jewish People
Shpielt a Dobridzien
The Best of Yiddish Vaudeville
The Golden Years of Yiddish Music - Vol. 1
The Gypsy Girl
The Kosher Widow - Original Cast Album
The Very Best Of Molly Picon - 14 Yiddish Theatre ...
Tif Vi Di Nacht
Variety Yiddish Theatre
Variety Yiddish Theatre
Yiddish Caravan of Stars
Yiddish Theater - A Collection: 1908-1928
Yiddish: New York - paris - Varsovie 1910-1940 - D...
Yidel Mit'n Fidel
Yidel Mit'n Fidel