KTAV Records

Helen Stambler Latner was sitting at her kitchen table talking with friends, Sol and Edythe Scharfstein, when she conceived of the idea to create a series of children's recordings. The Scharfsteins were successful authors of children's books and Helen, being the mother of young children, thought it would be a great idea to base recordings on their stories.

“Why doesn't someone produce recordings of these stories with music and songs?” she asked. Everyone in the room looked in her direction and her husband said, “Why don't you do it?” so she did.

KTAV Publishing began producing Jewish children's records in 1948. Luckily Helen was surrounded by talented people. Her nephew, Fred Vogel, was an accomplished actor who was a talented narrator and able to create the voice of any character you could imagine. Herbert Rothgarber a long-time friend of the family had the musical talent to compose original music and provide piano accompaniment. Helen directed and wrote most of the narrative scripts.

Originally released on 78 rpm discs, the recordings were later re-released as 45s. Today these recordings which celebrate Jewish holidays and Jewish values through song and story are bringing joy to a whole new generation of youngsters.


Rights to the recordings in this collection courtesy of KTAV Records.



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