Ehud (Udi) Spielman

Cantor Spielman was born in Tel Aviv, Israel .  He is the great grandson of Rabbi Zerach Barnet, who was one of the key founders of Tel Aviv.  Both of Udi’s grandfathers were Cantors.  Listening to them chant services throughout his childhood profoundly influenced his love for Cantorial music (Hazzanut).

Udi is a graduate of Hakafar Hayarok, agricultural high school, in Israel .  Upon graduation Udi went into the Israeli Air Force where he performed with his orchestra.  Upon being honorably discharged from the armed services, Udi established many musical groups in Israel which performed at special occasions including weddings and bar mitzvahs.  His musical groups were extremely successful, and as a result of this popularity, the musical groups were invited to play around the world in the Far East, Europe and the United States .

In 2000 Udi decided to retire his performing groups in order to study Hazzanut.  Cantor Spielman enrolled at the Cantorial Institute of Tel Aviv, administered by Cantor Naftali Hershtik, the Chief Cantor of the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem .  Cantor Hershtik exposed Udi to the deeper elements of Judaic learning and the art of chanting.  Cantor Chaim Feifel and composer Raymond Goldstein added much to Udi’s education as well.  Udi believes that it is the seed his grandfathers planted within him which drove him to pursue his education in Hazzanut. Cantor Spielman graduated from the Cantorial Institute of Tel Aviv and enthusiastically embarked on his new found career.  Besides his Cantorial services as a Hazzan, Udi has also performed in Cantorial concerts with the most highly regarded Hazzanim of our time. Udi performs Hazzanut as he fulfills his dream of perpetuating the legacy of his grandfathers.

Music of this collection, courtesy of Cantor Ehud (Udi) Spielman.


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A still, small voice is heard
High Holidays Music Mix
Seven - Voice and Spirit
Shishi Shabbat: Kabalat Shabbat - Arvit
Shishi Shabbat: Shabbat Morning - Shaharit
ShishiShabbat - Kalabat Shabbat Arvit
ShishiShabbat - Shabbat Morning - Shaharit
Simeni Ka Hotam