Samuel Malavsky

Cantor Samuel Malavsky was devoted, since childhood, to his cantorial art. By the time of his Bar Mitzvah he was a full-fledged professional Cantor. He toured all the major cities in Russia. Shortly before his eighteenth birthday he emigrated to New York where he became an apprentice to the well-known Cantor Yossele (Joseph) Rosenblatt. The two of them gave concert tours throughout the United States. They also made many outstanding liturgical recordings.

In the following years Cantor Malavsky enjoyed great popularity due to his brilliant performances at the pulpit and the concert stage. The Malvasky Family Choir includes the cantor’s four daughters (known as the Four Chazentes) and his two sons. The cantor developed his children’s musical talents from an early age which allowed him to create a Family Choir comprised of six accomplished and outstanding vocalists.

Music of Cantor Samuel Malavsky and his Family Choir courtesy of Mort Malavsky.

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