Frances Alda

FRANCES ALDA was a New Zealand-born, Australian-raised operatic soprano. She achieved fame during the first three decades of the 20th century due to her outstanding singing voice, fine technique and colourful personality, as well as her frequent onstage partnerships at the New York Metropolitan Opera with Enrico Caruso.








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A Maori Slumber Song
An Open Secret
Ancora un passo (There's One More Step) - (Entranc...
Ancora un passo(Act 1)
Angel's Serenade (la Serenata)
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
But Lately in Dance I Embraced Her
By the Waters of Minnetonka
By the Waters of Minnetonka (An Indian Love Song);...
Chanson d'amour
Dans la foret (Act 2)
Deep River
Every Bit of Loving in the World
I Love You Truly
I Passed by Your Window
I Passed By Your Window/The Singer
I'd Build a World in
If You Could Care
Indian Dawn; Please Keep Out of My Dreams
Just a-Wearyin' for You
La Boheme-O soave fanciulla
La Marseillaise (National Air of France)
La Marseillaise (National Air of France)
La Wally - Ebben? Ne andrò lontana
Laddie o' Mine
Laddie O'Mine
Lombardi-Qual volutta
Love Token
Martha-Che vuol dir Cio (Surpriced and Astounded!)
Martha-Quartetto notturno
Martha-Quartetto notturno (Good Night Quartet)
Martha-Siam giunti, o giovinette (This is your fut...
Martha-Siam giunti, o giovinette; Martha-Che vuol ...
Memory's Garden
Mighty Lak' a Rose
Mighty Lak' a Rose
Mischa Elman (1915 -1916) Vol. 3
Mother of My Heart
O mio babbino caro
Ouvre Tes Yeux Bleus
Poor Butterfly
Sempre Cosi (Act 2)
Sing Me Love's Lullaby (Love's Lullaby of Dreams)
Tes Yeux!
Tes Yeux!
The Bell's of St. Mary's
The Bell's of St. Mary's
The Bells of St. Mary's
The Last Rose of Summer; Robin Adair
Vale (Farewell)
Vecchia Zimarra
What'll I Do; Love Has a Way
William Tell - Selva opaca (Act 2)