Feodor Chaliapin

FEODOR CHALIAPIN was a Russian opera singer. Possessing a deep and expressive bass voice, he enjoyed an important international career at major opera houses.

He is also known to have spelled his name Theodore Chaliapine and Fyodor Chaliapin.










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Ave Signor! (Prologue)
Ave Signor! (Prologue)
Ave Signor! (Prologue)
Boris Godounow (Act 4)
Down the Petersky
Down the Petersky
Dubinushka; Down the Petersky
Ey, Ukhnem; Ech, ty Vanya
Faust - Veau d'or (Act 2); Serenade Mephistopheles
In the Town of Kazan (Act 2)
In the Town of Kazan (Act 2)
In the Town of Kazan (Act 2), Varlaam's Song
Madamina! (Leporello's Aria - Part 1) (Act 1)
Madamina, il Catalogo (Gentle Lady, This List) - P...
Nella Bionda Egli Ha L'usanza (Is A Maiden Fair an...
Pilgrim's Song (Op. 47, No. 5)
Recitative and Air of Prince Galitsky (Act 1)
Song of the Needy Pilgrim
The Blind Ploughman
Vi Ravviso