El Maleh Rachamim


El Ma’leh Ra’cha’mim, Da’yan Al’ma’not Ve’Avi Ye’to’mim.

Ham’tze Me’nu’cha Ne’cho’na Be’Tzel Kan’fei Ha’She’chi’na.

Be’Ma’a’lot Ke’do’shim U’Te’ho’rim Ke’Zo’har Ha’Ra’ki’a Ha’Me’i’rim U’Maz’hi’rim, Le’Nish’mot Ha’Kdo’shim Ve’Ha’Te’ho’rim, She’Ne’her’gu Ve’Nish’cha’tu, She’Nech’ne’ku Ve’She’Nit’be’u, She’Nis’re’fu Ve’She Nik’be’ru Cha’yim, Be’Chol Ar’tzot Eu’ro’pa, Bi’dei Re’sha’im Ve’A’ri’tzim, She’Naf’lu Cha’lal Al Ki’dush Ha’Shem. Ba’a’vur She’Kol Am Yis’ra’el Ba’Me’di’na U’Va’Go’la, Mit’ya’cha’dim Im Zich’ram Ha’Ka’dosh, u’Mit’pa’le’lim Le’I’lu’i Nish’mo’tei’hem Ha’Za’kot. Be’Gan E’den Te’hi Me’nu’cha’tam, La’chen Ba’al Ha’Ra’cha’mim Yas’ti’rem Be’Se’ter Kna’fav Le’O’la’mim, Ve’Yitz’ror Bi’Tzror Ha’Cha’yim Et Nish’mo’tei’hem. A’do’shem hu Nach’la’tam, Ve’Ya’nu’chu Ve’Sha’lom Al Mish’ke’vo’tam. Yin’kom E’lo’him Et Nik’mat Da’mam Ha’Sha’fuch, Ve’No’mar A’men.


God full of compassion who dwells on high – grant proper rest in thy Divine Presence in the exalted spheres – for our holy and pure brethren whose blood was spilt at the hands of murderers. They were killed, strangled, burned and buried alive for the sanctification of Thy Name, for whose souls we now pray. May their resting place be in the Garden of Eden. May the Master of Mercy shelter them in the shadow of His wings, for eternity. And may He bind their souls in the Bond of Life. God is their inheritance and may they repose in peace in their resting place. And let us say: Amen.