Be'Tzeit Yisrael


Be’Tzeit Yis’ra’el Mi’Mi’tzra’yim, Beit Ya’akov Mei’Am Lo’ez. Hai’ta Ye’hu’da Le’Kod’sho, Yis’ra’el Mam’she’lo’tav.
Ha’Yam Ra’ah Va’Ya’nos, Ha’Yar’den Yi’Sov Le’A’chor. He’Ha’rim Rak’du Che’Ei’lim, Ge’va’ot KiV’nei Tzon.

Ma Le’cha Ha’Yam Ki Ta’Nus, Ha’Yar’den Ti’Sov Le’A’chor. He’Ha’rim TiR’ke’du Che’Ei’lim, Ge’va’ot KiV’nei Tzon.
Mi’Lif ’nei A’don Chu’li A’retz, Mi’Lif ’nei E’lo’ha Ya’a’kov. Ha’Hof’chi Ha’Tzur A’gam Ma’yim, Cha’la’mish Le’Mai’no Ma’yim.


When Israel exiled from Egypt, the house of Jacob left the people of alien tongue; Judah became God’s sanctuary and Israel His dominions. The sea beheld and fled; the Jordan’s stream turned back. The mountains skipped like rams and the hills like lambs.
What ails you, O sea, that thus you flee? O Jordan, that you turn backward?
O mountains, why do you skip like rams? O hills, like lambs? Tremble, O earth, before the Lord’s presence, the presence of the God of Jacob – He who turns a rock into a pond of water and the flint into a flowing fountain.