Barbara Moskow

Barbara Moskow Circa 1970Barbara Moskow enjoyed a very successful performing career during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Although she made no commercial recordings, her legacy will be remembered thanks to the Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Music Archive at the University of Pennsylvania which digitized her old tape recordings and donated them to the Recorded Sound Archives at FAU Libraries.

“I have always regretted not having a professional recording of my mother’s performances but am pleased to know that digital copies of old audio cassettes will be available through the Judaica Sound Archives at FAU Libraries. It means a great deal to her and our family, to know that there is still interest in these songs and the voices that gave life to them“
-Pam Moskow (11/12/14)


A graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, PA, Barbara Moskow began her operatic career with the St. Paul Civic Opera Company, performing in Giancarlo Menotti’s ‘The Telephone.’ During a fundraising concert for Israel in 1971, she met Albert Berkowitz, a Yiddish journalist, who introduced her to the prominent Cantor Sidor Belarsky in New York.

This encounter changed the course of her life and led to three decades of performances dedicated to bringing Yiddish art and folk songs to American audiences. Her music and voice have been a celebration of Yiddish culture, music and poetry with appearances on WEVD radio and national Yiddish Theater tours with Chayele Ash and Abraham Fuhrman.


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