Performers can specialize in any musical style, and some performers play in a variety of different styles. Examples of a performer's possible skills include performing, conducting, singing, composing, arranging, and the orchestration of music. The performers found on the Recorded Sound Archives (RSA) website are either in the public domain, or have signed an agreement allowing us to stream their music through our website. There are well over 100,000 recordings of various types, all of which can be searched for. Not all performers or songs are made available due to copyright restrictions in these instances only a listing for the recording will appear or a snippet can be heard. If no recordings appear below it is because this performer's music has not yet been digitized. If you would like to request this artist be digitized, please click here.

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A Pastuch'l
A Salute to Richard Tucker
A Treasury of French Opera Arias
Ana Maamin; Hatikvah
Ani Maamim; Hatikvoh
Ani Maamim; Hatikvoh
Cantor Pinchik Sings
Cantorial Jewels
Cantorial Jewels
Celeste Aida
Faith Alone
Goldfaden Songs by Richard Tucker
Great Voices: Richard Tucker
Hatikvah! Richard Tucker Sings Great Jewish Favori...
Havdoloh; Kidush
In Memoriam
Israel Sings & Goldfaden Songs
Jerusalem, Jerusalem; Hatikvah
Jerusalem, Jerusalem; Hatikvah
Katsir Baemek; Sair Eres
Kidush; Havdoloh
Kol Nidre
Kol Nidre
Kol Nidre Service
Kol Nidre Service
Kol Nidre Service
L'eil Boruch
Manna from the World of Jewish Song
Mimaamakim; A Dudele
O Paradiso (Act IV); Cielo E Mar
Oh Der Brunen, Oh Der..! (Die Schvue); Flaker Feie...
Passover Seder Festival
Passover Seder Festival
Rachel! Quand Du Seigneur; A cette voix quel troub...
Richard Tucker sings Arias from the Verdi Operas
Richard Tucker sings Puccini
Rozhinkes mit Mandlin
Rozshinkes Mit Mandlen
Stars For Jerusalem
Stars for Jerusalem
The Art of Bel Canto
The Fabulous Voice of Richard Tucker - Great Songs...
The Soul of Italy
Tzadik Adoshem
Tzadik Adoshem
Tzadik Adoshem; Ki K'shimcho
Tzena Tzena Tzena; Shir Hacheirut
Vehu Rachum
Verdi Duets
Vienna, My City of Dreams
Welcoming the Sabbath
Yehi Rotzon
Yir'u Eineinu
Yir'u Eineinu; Yehi Rotzon
Yizkor - In Memory of the Six Milliion - An Orator...