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Welcoming the Sabbath

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Catalogue NumberN/A
Matrix Number N/A
Record Label Private label
Record FormatCD
Shelf Number100144
Number of TracksN/A
Date RecordedN/A
Album Artists
Notes Kabbalat Shabbat, welcoming the Sabbath, is, for most Jews, the high point of the week when we put aside our day-to-day work and concerns and immerse ourselves in the beauty and joy of the day, and in its music: prayerful, rich and melodic. The music creates a spirit of unity – a cohesiveness that reminds us that we are one people under one G-d. This album includes 30 of the most familiar, beloved Sabbath songs. Several of the songs are sung in different versions such as Sephardic, Hassidic and Israeli, proving, if such proof is necessary, that all Jews are one. This is an album to play every Sabbath to remind yourself of your rich cultural and musical heritage.

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1 - L'cha Dodi (Sephardic)
Composer(s) : A. Ben Soussan
2 - Y'did Nefesh (Hassidic)
Composer(s) : N/A
3 - Candle Blessings
Composer(s) : A.W. Binder
4 - L'cha Dodi (Hassidic)
Composer(s) : Traditional
5 - L'cha Dodi (Israeli)
Composer(s) : M. Zeira
6 - L'cha Dodi
Composer(s) : D. Aronson Shore
7 - Barchu
Composer(s) : D. Jacobson/S. Libava
8 - Barchu
Composer(s) : B. Siegel
9 - Ahavat Olam
Composer(s) : Rosenblum
10 - Sh'ma
Composer(s) : Z. Pile
11 - Mi Chamocha Mi Chamocha
Composer(s) : L. Weiner
12 - Mi Chamocha Mi Chamocha
Composer(s) : I. Freed
13 - V'shamru
Composer(s) : S. Ruben
14 - V'shamru
Composer(s) : M. Finkelstein
15 - Yism'chu (Hassidic)
Composer(s) : N/A
16 - Yism'chu
Composer(s) : Rebbe Melitzer
17 - V'al Kulam
Composer(s) : M. Finkelstein
18 - Shalom Rav
Composer(s) : J. Klepper/D. Freelander
19 - Shalom Rav
Composer(s) : D. Aronson Shore
20 - Hachama
Composer(s) : P. Miskowsky
21 - Shalom Aleichem
Composer(s) : Traditional
22 - Ma Yafeh Hayon
Composer(s) : N/A
23 - Nigun
Composer(s) : N/A
24 - Yom Zeh M'chubad
Composer(s) : D. Aronson Shore
25 - Yah Ribbon
Composer(s) : Traditional
26 - Ki Eshm'ra
Composer(s) : Bagbdad Folk Song
27 - Y'varechecha
Composer(s) : J. Klepper/D. Freelander
28 - Laaok B'divre Torah
Composer(s) : B Maissner
29 - Lo Yisa Goy (Hassidic)
Composer(s) : N/A
30 - Yism'chu Hasham ayim (Hassidic)
Composer(s) : N/A