Yig’dal E’lo’him Chai Ve’Yish’ta’bach. Nim’tza Ve’Ein Et El Me’tzi’u’to.

E’chad Ve’Ein Ya’chid Ke’Yi’chu’do, Ne’e’lam Ve’Gam Ein Sof Le’Ach’du’to.

Ein Lo Dmut Ha’Guf Ve’Ei’no Guf, Lo Na’a’roch E’lev Ke’du’sha’to.

Kad’mon Le’Chol Da’var A’sher Niv’ra. Ri’shon Ve’Ein Re’shit Le’Re’shi’to.

Yo’re Ge’du’la’to U’Mal’chu’to. She’fa Ne’vu’a’to Ne’ta’no.

El An’shei Se’gu’la’to Ve’Tif’ar’to. Lo Kam Be’Yis’ra’el Ke’Mo’she Od Na’vi.

U’Ma’bit Et Te’mu’na’to. To’rat E’met Na’tan Le’A’mo El.

Al Yad Ne’vi’o Ne’e’man Bei’to.

Lo Ya’cha’lif Ha’El Ve’Lo Ya’mir Da’to Le’O’la’mim Le’Zu’la’to.

Tzo’fe Ve’Yo’de’a Sta’rei’nu, Ma’bit Le’Sof Da’var Be’Kad’ma’to.

Go’mel Le’Ish Che’sed Ke’Mif’a’lo, No’ten Le’Ra’sha Ra Ke’Rish’a’to.

Yis’lach Le’Ketz Ya’min Me’shi’chei’nu Lif’dot Me’cha’kei Ketz Ye’shu’a’to.

Mei’tim Ye’cha’yeh El Be’Rov Chas’do. Ba’ruch A’dei Ad Shem Te’hi’la’to.


The living God - O magnify and bless, Transcending time and here eternally.

One Being, yet unique in unity, a mystery of Oneness, measureless.

Lo! Form or body He has none, and man, No semblance of His holiness can frame.

Before Creation’s dawn He was the same; the first to be, though never He began.

He is the world’s and every creature’s Lord; His Rule and majesty are manifest.

Yet never like to Moses rose a seer, Permitted glimpse behind the veil divine.

This faithful prince of God’s prophetic line, Received the Law of Truth for Israel’s ear.

The Law God gave, He never will amend, nor ever by another Law replace.

Our secret things are spread before His face; in all beginnings He beholds the end.

The saint’s reward He measures to his meed; the sinner reaps the harvest of his ways.

Messiah He will send at end of days, and all the faithful to salvation lead.

God will the dead again to life restore, in his abundance of almighty love.

Then blessed be His name, all names above, And let His praise resound forevermore.