Ve’Nomar Le’fanav


Ve’No’mar Le’fa’nav Shir Cha’dash Ka’Ka’tuv: Shi’ru Lay’lo’him Zam’ru Shmo, So’lu La’Ro’chev Ba’A’ra’vot Be’Ha’shem Shmo, Ve’Il’zu Le’fa’nav Ve’Nir’e’hu A’yin Be’A’yin Be’Shu’vo El Na’vey’hu, Ka’Ka’tuv: “Ki A’yin Be’A’yin Yir’u Be’Shuv Ha’Shem Tzi’yon.” Ve’Ne’e’mar: “Ve’Nig’la Ke’vod Ha’Shem Ve’Ra’u Chol Ba’sar Yach’dav Ki Pi Ha’Shem Di’ber.”


And we shall sing a new song before Him, as it is written: “Sing to God, chant praises to His Name, exalt Him who dwells in the Heavens”; praise His Name with awe, and exult before Him. And we shall see Him eye to eye when He returns to His abode, as it is written: “For they shall see eye to eye when the Lord returns to Zion”. And it is said: “And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and together all flesh shall see that the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”