Uv'Yom HaShabbat


Uv’Yom Ha’Sha’bat Sh’nei Chva’sim B’nai Sha’na Tmi’mim, Ve’Shnei Es’ro’nim So’let Min’cha Be’lu’la Va’She’men Ve’Nis’ko. O’lat Sha’bat Be’Sha’ba’to, Al O’lat Ha’Ta’mid Ve’Nis’ka.

Yis’me’chu Ve’Mal’chut’cha Shom’rei Sha’bat Ve’Kor’ei O’neg, Am Me’ka’de’shei She’vi’i. Ku’lam Yis’be’u Ve’Yit’an’gu Mi’Tu’ve’cha, U’Va’She’vi’i Ra’tzi’ta Bo Ve’Ki’dash’to, Chem’dat Ya’mim O’to Ka’ra’ta, Ze’cher Le’Ma’a’seh Ve’rai’sheet.


On the Shabbat day, two yearling male lambs without blemish, two-tenths of an ephah of fine flour mixed with oil as a meal offering, and its wine offering – this is the burnt offering for Shabbat, on each Shabbat, aside from the daily burnt offering and its wine offering.

Those who observe the Shabbat and call it a delight shall rejoice in Your kingship; the nation which hallows the Seventh Day – all shall be satiated and delighted with Your goodness. You were pleased with the Seventh Day and made it holy; You called it the most desirable of days, in remembrance of the work of Creation.