Tal Tein Le’Ra’tzot Ar’tzach. Shi’tei’nu Ve’ra’cha Be’Di’tzach. Rov Da’gan Ve’Ti’rosh Be’Haf ’ri’tzach, Ko’meim Ir Ba Chef ’tzach. Be’Tal. Tal Bo Te’va’rech Ma’zon. Be’Mash’ma’nei’nu Al Ye’hi Ra’zon. A’yu’ma A’sher Hi’sa’ta Ka’Tzon. A’na Ta’fek La Ra’tzon. Be’Tal.


Dew – grant it to favor Your land. Designate us for blessing in Your joy – with an abundance of grain and wine by Your bounty. Re-establish Jerusalem, the city in which You delight – through dew. Through dew bless our food. In our bounty let there be no scarcity. To the nation that You led like sheep, please fulfill her desire – with dew.