Shomer Yisrael


Sho’mer Yis’ra’el, Shmor She’ei’rit Yis’ra’el,

Ve’Al Yo’vad Yis’ra’el — Ha’Om’rim She’ma Yis’ra’el.

Sho’mer Goy E’chad, Shmor She’ei’rit Am E’chad,

Ve’Al Yo’vad Goy E’chad — Ha’Me’Ya’cha’dim Shim’cha,

A’do’nai E’lo’hei’nu A’do’nai E’chad.

Sho’mer Goy Ka’dosh, Shmor She’ei’rit Am Ka’dosh,

Ve’Al Yo’vad Goy Ka’dosh — Ha’Me’Shal’shim Be’Shi’lush

Ke’du’sha Le’Ka’dosh.

Mit’Ra’tze Be’Ra’cha’mim U’Mit’Pa’yes Be’Ta’cha’nu’nim,

Hit’Ra’tze Ve’Hit’Pa’yes Le’Dor A’ni Ki Ein O’zer.

A’vi’nu Mal’kei’nu, Cha’nei’nu Va’A’nei’nu, Ki Ein Ba’nu Ma’a’sim,

A’seh I’ma’nu Tze’da’ka Va’Che’sed Ve’Ho’shi’ei’nu.


Guardian of Israel – guard the remnants of the people of Israel.

Let not disaster overcome Thy people of Israel who daily proclaim:

“Hear, O Israel!”

Guardian of the chosen people, guard the remnants of these people, Let

not disaster overcome these unique people who proclaim daily:       

“The Lord is our God, the Lord is One!”

Guardian of Thy holy people — guard the remnants of this nation.

Let not disaster overcome these holy people who proclaim daily in

their prayers threefold sanctifications to the Holy One.

You who are propitiated by pleas for mercy and conciliated by

supplications, be propitiated and conciliated to an afflicted generation,

for there is no one else to help.

Our Father, our King, be gracious to us and answer us.

Even though we are without good deeds —
for the sake of Your great

Name, be merciful with us and save us.