Sheva P’amim Ata


A’ta Ni’glei’ta Be’A’nan Ke’vod’cha; Al Am Kod’she’cha Le’Da’ber I’mam.
 Min Ha’Sha’ma’yim HiSh’ma’a’tam Ko’le’cha Ve’Nig’lei’ta A’lei’hem Be’Ar’fa’lei To’har. Gam Kol Ha’O’lam Ku’lo Chal Mi’Pa’ne’cha. U’Vri’yot Be’Rei’shit Char’du Mi’me’ka.

A’ta Ri’tzatz’ta Ra’shei Liv’ya’tan, TiT’ne’nu Ma’A’chal Le’Am Lei’Tzi’yim. Ve’Yo’du Sha’ma’yim Pil’a’cha A’do’nai. Af E’mu’nat’cha Bi’Ke’hal Ke’do’shim.

A’sher Be’Ya’do Ne’fesh Kol Chai, Ve’Ru’ach Kol Be’sar Ish. Ha’Ne’sha’ma Lach Ve’Ha’Guf Pa’a’lach. Chu’sa Al A’ma’lach. Ha’Ne’sha’ma Lach Ve’Ha’Guf She’lach.
 A’ta’nu Al Shim’cha A’do’nai A’sei Le’Ma’an She’me’cha.

A’ta Ya’tzar’ta O’lam’cha Mi’Ke’dem, Ki’li’ta Me’lach’te’cha Ba’Yom Ha’She’vi’i, Ve’Shim’cha Ha’Ga’dol Ve’Ha’Ka’dosh A’lei’nu Ka’ra’ta.

A’ta Ka’dosh, Ve’Shim’cha Ka’dosh, U’Ke’do’shim Be’Chol Yom Ye’Ha’le’lu’cha Se’la, Ki El Me’lech Ga’dol Ve’Ka’dosh A’ta: Ba’ruch A’ta A’do’nai, Ha’El Ha’Ka’dosh.

A’ta Zo’cheir Ma’a’sei O’lam U’Fo’ked Kol Ye’tzu’rei Ke’dem.
 Le’Fa’ne’cha Nig’lu Kol Ta’A’lu’mot Va’Ha’mon NiS’ta’rot She’Mi’Be’rei’shit. Va’A’kei’dat Yitz’chak Le’Zar’oh Ha’Yom Be’Ra’cha’mim TiZ’kor:
 Ba’ruch A’ta A’do’nai, Zo’cher Ha’Brit.

A’ta E’chad Ve’Shim’cha E’chad, U’Mi Ke’Am’cha Yis’ra’el Goy E’chad Ba’A’retz; Ve’Ya’Nu’chu Vam Kol Yis’ra’el Me’Ka’de’shei She’me’cha:
 Ba’ruch A’ta A’do’nai, Me’ka’desh Ha’Sha’bat.

A’ta HaR’ei’ta La’Da’at, Ki A’do’nai Hu Ha’E’lo’him, Ein Od MiL’va’do.


God: You revealed Yourself in a cloud of glory to Your holy people, and spoke to them from the heavens. You enabled them to hear Your voice, and You revealed yourself to them in the purest clouds of heaven. The world trembled before You and all beings of creation were in awe.

You crushed the heads of the leviathan, leaving it as prey for scavengers of the desert. The heavens shall praise Your wonders, O Lord; 
the assembly of the holy shall extol Your faithfulness.      

Our souls are Yours and our bodies are Your creation.
 Lord, have compassion upon Your creation.
 The soul is Yours and the body is Yours. We sanctify Thy Name and we stand before You honoring Your Name.

You formed this great world from the very beginning; You completed Your awesome work by the Seventh Day, and proclaimed Your holy Name upon us.

You are holy and Your Name is holy, and holy beings praise You daily for all eternity, for You, O God, are the great and Holy King. Blessed are You Lord, our Holy God.

You remember the deeds of the world and recall all that was created in the ancient days. Before You are revealed hidden things and myriad secrets from the very beginning of creation.
 With Mercy, O God, recall the binding of Isaac for the sake of his descendants: Blessed are You, O Lord, He who remembers the covenant with his people.

You are One and Your Name is One; who other than Israel, Your nation, is Your flock on this earth.
 May Israel, the sanctifiers of Your Name, enjoy resting on the Sabbath. Blessed are You, O Lord, who sanctifies the Holy Sabbath.

You have proven to all mankind that the Lord is God; there is none else beside Him.