Maoz Tzur


Ma’oz Tzur Ye’shu’a’ti, Le’cha Na’eh Le’Sha’bei’ach. Ti’kon Beit Te’fi’la’ti, Ve’Sham To’da Ne’Za’bei’ach. Le’Eit Ta’chin Mat’bei’ach, Mi’Tzar HaM’na’bei’ach.
Az Eg’mor Be’Shir Miz’mor, Cha’nu’kat Ha’Miz’bei’ach.

Ye’va’nim Nik’be’tzu A’lie, A’zai Bi’mei Chash’ma’nim, U’Far’tzu Cho’mot Mig’da’lie, Ve’Tim’uh Kol Ha’Shma’nim. U’Mi’No’tar Kan’ka’nim, Na’a’sa Nes La’Sho’sha’nim.
B’nai Bi’na, Ye’mei Shmo’na, Kav’uh Shir U’Re’na’nim.


O mighty rock of my salvation, to praise Thee is a delight!
Restore our Holy House of prayer and there we will present thanksgiving offerings. When You prepare havoc for the foe that maligns us,
I shall then conclude, with song and psalm, the dedication of the Alter.

Greeks gathered to attack me in the days of the Hashmonaim.
They broke down the walls of my towers, and polluted all our sacred oils. From the last of the remaining flasks, a miracle was performed for Israel. Men of wisdom then decreed eight days for song and joyful psalms.