Machnisei Rachamim


Mach’ni’sei Ra’cha’mim, Hach’ni’su Ra’cha’mei’nu Lif’nei Ba’al Ha’Ra’cha’mim. Mash’mi’ei Te’fi’la, Hash’mi’u Te’fi’la’tei’nu Lif ’nei Sho’mei’a Te’fi’la.
Mash’mi’ei Tze’a’ka, Hash’mi’u Tza’a’ka’tei’nu Lif ’nei Sho’me’a Tze’a’ka.
Mach’ni’sei Dim’ah, Hach’ni’su Dim’o’tei’nu Lif ’nei Me’lech Mit’ra’tze Vi’De’ma’ot.

Hish’tad’lu Ve’Har’bu Te’chi’na U’Va’ka’sha Lif ’nei Me’lech El Ram Ve’Ni’sa.
Haz’ki’ru Le’Fa’nav, Hash’mi’u Le’Fa’nav, To’ra U’Ma’a’sim To’vim Shel Shoch’nei A’far.

Yiz’kor A’ha’va’tam Vi’Cha’ye Zar’am, She’Lo To’vad She’ei’rit Ya’a’kov.
Ki Tzon Ro’eh Ne’e’man Ha’ya Le’Cher’pa, Yis’ra’el Goy E’chad Le’Ma’shal Ve’Li’She’ni’na.

Ma’heir A’nei’nu E’lo’hei Yish’ei’nu, U’Fe’dei’nu Mi’Kol Ge’zei’rot Ka’shot Ve’Ho’shi’a Be’Ra’cha’me’cha Ha’Ra’bim, Me’shi’ach Tzid’ke’cha Ve’A’me’cha.


O angels of mercy; please usher in our pleas for mercy before the Master of Mercy. O angels of prayer, please cause our prayers to be heard by He who listens to prayer. O angels of outcry, please bring our passionate outcry to He who hears our cries.
O angels of tears, usher in our tears before the King who finds favor through tears. Exert yourselves and multiply supplication and petition, before the King, the Almighty God. Remind Him, impress upon Him, of His Torah and of our good deeds – we who dwell in dust. May He remember our love of Him and grant life to our offspring, so that the remnants of Jacob may not be lost. For the flock of Moses, Your faithful shepherd, has become a dis- grace; Israel, the chosen nation – has become a parable to be ridiculed.

Quickly answer us, the God of our salvation, and redeem us from any harsh decrees; and with Your abundant mercy may You save Your righteous anointed priests and Your nation.