L’chu Ne’rane’na


 Le’chu Ne’ra’ne’na La’A’do’nai, Na’ri’a Le’Tzur Yish’ei’nu.
Ne’kad’ma Fa’nav Be’To’da, Bi’Z’mi’rot Na’ri’a Lo.
Tze’dek U’Mish’pat Me’chon Kis’e’cha, Che’sed Ve’E’met Ye’Kad’mu Fa’ne’cha. A’sher Yach’dav Nam’tik Sod, Be’Veit E’lo’him Ne’Ha’lech Be’Ra’gesh.
A’sher Lo Ha’Yam Ve’Hu A’sa’hu, Ve’Ya’be’shet Ya’dav Ya’tza’ru.
A’sher Be’Ya’do Ne’fesh Kol Chai, Ve’Ru’ach Kol Be’sar Ish.
Ha’Ne’sha’ma Lach Ve’Ha’Guf Pa’a’lach, Chu’sa Al A’ma’lach.
Ha’Ne’sha’ma Lach Ve’Ha’Guf She’lach, A’do’nai, A’sei Le’Ma’an She’me’cha. A’ta’nu Al Shim’cha, A’do’nai, A’sei Le’ma’an She’me’cha. Ba’a’vur Ke’vod Shim’cha, Ki El Cha’nun Ve’Ra’chum She’me’cha. Le’ma’an Shim’cha A’do’nai, Ve’Sa’lach’ta La’A’vo’nei’nu Ki Rav Hu.


Come, let us sing to the Lord, and let us call out to the Rock of our salvation. Let us greet Him with thanksgiving; with praiseful songs let us call out to Him. Righteousness and justice are Your Throne’s foundation;
kindness and truth precede Your countenance.

Together let us share a sweet secret, and in the House of God let us stride with emotion. For His is the sea – for He made it; and His hands created land.
The soul of all life is in His hand, as well as the spirit of all human flesh.
The soul is Yours and the body is Your creation; have mercy upon Your labor.

The soul is Yours and the body is Yours; O Lord, have compassion upon your toil. We come before You with reliance on Your Name, O Lord;
therefore, act to preserve Your Name’s sake.
In honor of Your Name, our Gracious and Merciful God, forgive our sins, even though they are abundant.