Laura Wetzler

The multi-talented Laura Wetzler is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, lecturer, and recording artist. Her professional singing career began when she was only 15 years old. Influenced by her love of Jewish music and the famous folk singers of the 1960s, she became a popular performer at NYC clubs, synagogues and college campuses.

After her graduation from Hofstra she became a protege of the legendary Joe Elias, master of the Ladino folk song genre. Her first CD was released in 1999 to critical acclaim and was re-issued in 2011.

A sought after concert performer, Wetzler's popular music/lecture programs (Jewish Women in Jewish Song, Songs of the Lost Communities, Adventures in African and Asian Jewish Music and Jewels of the Diaspora, and Kabbalah Music: Songs of the Jewish Mystics) highlight not only her talent but also her extensive knowledge of and interest in music history.

Wetzler is not only passionate about her music, she is also a passionate humanitarian. Working with, she has been helping economically challenged African Jewish farmers to find health, education and basic services since 2002.

In her own words: "Music is my way of exploring the world, celebrating my heritage, and sharing with others. As an artist, I believe in songs as survival tools."

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