Kol Me’ka’desh


Kol Me’Ka’desh She’vi’i Ka’Ra’ui Lo, Kol Sho’mer Sha’bat Ka’Dat Mei’Cha’le’lo, Se’cha’ro Har’bei Me’od Al Pi Fo’a’lo, Ish Al Mach’nei’hu Ve’Ish Al Dig’lo. O’ha’vei A’do’nai Ha’Me’cha’kim Le’Vin’yan A’ri’el, Be’Yom Ha’Sha’bat Si’su Ve’Sim’chu, Ki’Me’Kab’lei Ma’tan Nach’li’el, Gam Se’u Ye’dei’chem Ko’desh Ve’Im’ru La’El,
Ba’ruch A’do’nai A’sher Na’tan Me’nu’cha Le’A’mo Yis’ra’el.
A’zor La’Shov’tim Ba’She’vi’i Be’Cha’rish U’Va’Ka’tzir Le’O’la’mim, Pos’im Bo Pe’si’a Ke’ta’na, So’a’dim Bo Le’Va’rech Sha’losh Pe’a’mim, Tzid’ka’tam Taz’hir Ke’Or Shiv’at Ha’Ya’mim, A’do’nai E’lo’hei Yis’ra’el A’ha’vat Ha’A’mim, A’do’nai E’lo’hei Yis’ra’el Te’shu’at O’la’mim.


Whoever sanctifies the Sabbath properly, and whoever safeguards the Sabbath from desecration, his reward is exceedingly great in accordance with his deed. Every man is within his own camp, every man under his own banner. Lovers of the Lord, who long for the rebuilding of His Holy Temple – rejoice and be happy on the Sabbath day. While receiving the gift of God’s heritage, raise your hands and declare before Him – “Blessed is the Lord Who granted the Sabbath rest for His people, Israel.” Forever support those who refrain from plowing and harvesting on the Sabbath.
May their righteousness shine forth like the light of the Seven Days. The Lord, God of Israel – our people’s love! The Lord, God of Israel – our eternal savior!