Ki Ke’Shimcha


E’met Ki A’ta Hu Yotz’ram.Ve’A’ta Yo’de’a Yitz’ram. Ki Hem Ba’sar Va’Dam.

A’dam Ye’so’do May’A’far Ve’So’fo Le’A’far.

Be’Naf’sho Ya’vie Lach’mo. Ma’shul Ke’Che’res Ha’Nish’bar.

Ke’Cha’tzir Ya’vesh U’Che’Tzitz No’vel. Ke’Tzel O’ver U’che’A’nan Ka’leh.

U’che’Ru’ach No’sha’vet U’che’A’vak Po’rei’ach.Ve’Cha’Cha’lom Ya’uf.



Verily, Thou as Creator knowest the nature of man, for he is but flesh and blood. Man’s origin is dust and he returns to the dust. He obtains his bread by the peril of his life; he is like a fragile potsherd, as the grass that withers, as the flower that fades, as a fleeting shadow, as a passing cloud, as the wind that blows, as the floating dust. Yea, and as a dream that vanishes.