Hu Yiftach Libeinu


Hu YiF‘tach Li’bei’nu Be’To’ra’to, Ve’Ya’sem Be’Li’bei’nu A’ha’va’to Ve’Yir’a’to, Ve’La’A’sot Re’tzo’no U’Le’Av’do Be’Le’vav Sha’lem. Ve’Lo Ni’ga La’Rik Le’Ma’an Lo Ni’ga Ve’Lo Ne’led La’Be’ha’la. Ye’hi Ra’tzon MiL’fa’ne’cha She’Niz’keh Ve’Nich’yeh Ve’Nir’eh Ve’Ni’rash To’va U’Vra’cha Li'Shnei Ye’mot Ha’Ma’shi’ach U’Le’Cha’yei Ha’O’lam Ha’Ba.


He [God] will open our hearts to his Commandments and instill in our hearts the love as well as the fear of Him, so we may perform His wishes and we may worship Him wholeheartedly.

May we adhere to all His laws in this world, and may we survive to witness the coming of the Messiah and the world to come [Ha’O’lam Ha’Ba].