Haruach-Hatova Galilee Ensemble

Haruach-Hatova when translated into English means a good spirit or good wind. It is, therefore, a most appropriate name for this unique singing group whose voices join together to create a good and joyful sound that brings a gust of fresh air wherever it goes. Bringing together the voices of young and old, Israeli newcomers and old-timers, village people and city-dwellers Haruach-Hatova Galilee has been making beautiful music for the past 25 years.

Yair Klinger is the musical manager for the group. A well-known Israeli composer and singer, he personally arranges all of the group’s songs whose diverse repertoire includes Israeli folk songs of the past and the more modern music of today’s Israel.

The ensemble is in great demand throughout Israel and abroad and has appeared on television and in concerts.


Music in this collection courtesy of Haruach-Hatova Galilee Ensemble.

Total: 3

Gallei Sheer - Waves of Song
La-oof Baruach - To Fly with the Wind