Haloch Ve’Karata


Ve’Al Ye’dei A’va’de’cha Ha’Ne’vi’im Ka’tuv Lei’mor:
Ha’loch Ve’Ka’ra’ta Be’Oz’nei Ye’ru’sha’la’yim Lei’mor:
Ko A’mar A’do’nai: Za’char’ti Lach Che’sed Ne’u’ra’yich, A’ha’vat Ke’Lu’lo’ta’yich, Lech’teich A’cha’rai Ba’Mid’bar, Be’E’retz Lo Ze’ru’ah. 
Ve’Ne’e’mar: Ve’Za’char’ti A’ni Et Be’ri’ti O’tach Bi’mei Ne’u’ra’yich, Va’Ha’ki’mo’ti Lach B’rit O’lam. Ve’Ne’e’mar: Ha’Ven Ya’kir Li Ef’ra’yim, Im Ye’led Sha’a’shu’im,
Ki Mi’dei Da’bri Bo Za’chor Ez’ke’re’nu Od. Al Kein Ha’mu Me’ai Lo,
Ra’chem A’ra’cha’me’nu, Ne’um A’do’nai.


And by the hands of Thy servants, the prophets, it is written: Go and proclaim so that Jerusalem may hear:
Thus said the Lord: “I remember the devotion of your youth, the love of your bridal state, how you followed Me in the wilderness, in a land that was not sown.”
And it is stated: “I will not forget My covenant with you in the days of your youth,
and I will establish unto you an everlasting covenant.”
And it is stated: “Is not Ephraim My beloved son, my precious, caressed child? For whenever I speak against him, I still remember him with affection. Therefore My heart yearns for him; I will always have mercy and compassion for him,” so says the Lord.