Fallout 4 Music Collection

In celebration of Fallout 4's 5th anniversary we created this collection of original recordings featured in the Fallout 4 video game series.

Discover the inspiration behind the video game series Fallout 4 and listen to the ORIGINAL recordings  in the collection below.




Please note, due to copyright some items may only be available as a 45 second snippet.

If you are a researcher or educator in need of full access to these recordings and additional materials (PDF, front/back covers, and record label scans), you can apply for Research Station Access

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A Wonderful Guy — By Paul Paine

A version of this song by Tex Beneke featuring Claire Chatwin from 1949 can be heard in both Fallout 3 & 4.

[Listen to the recording]



Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive — By Kay Kyser and his Orchestra

A version of this song by Bing Crosby from 1944 can be heard in Fallout 4.

[Listen to the recording]



Anything Goes — By Cole Porter

This version from 1934 by Cole porter can be first heard in Fallout 3 and was reprised in again in Fallout 4. 

[Listen to the recording]



Civilization (Bongos, Bongos, Bongos) — By Andrews Sisters & Danny Kaye

This version of the song by the Andrews Sisters and Danny Kaye from 1947 can be first heard in Fallout 4.  

[Listen to the recording]