Ezkera Elokim


Ez’ke’ra E’lo’kim Ve’E’he’ma’ya, Bir’o’ti Kol Ir Al Ti’la Be’nu’ya, Ve’Ir Ha’E’lo’him MuSh’pe’let Ad She’ol Tach’ti’ya!
U’Ve’Chol Zot A’nu Le’Ya Ve’Ei’nei’nu Le’Ya.

Mi’dat Ha’Ra’cha’mim A’lei’nu Hit’Gal’ge’li, Ve’Lif ’nei Ko’neich Te’chi’na’tei’nu Ha’Pi’li. U’Ve’Ad A’meich Ra’cha’mim Sha’a’li.
Ki Chol Lei’vav Da’vai Ve’Chol Rosh La’Cho’li.

Ye’hi Ra’tzon MiL’fa’ne’cha Sho’mei’a Kol Bich’yot, She’Ta’sim Dim’o’tei’nu Be’Nod’cha Li’he’yot, Ve’Ta’tzi’lei’nu Mi’Kol Ge’zei’rot Ka’shot Ve’Ach’za’ri’yot.
Ki Le’cha Le’vad Ei’nei’nu Te’lu’yot.


I remember, O God, and I moan when I witness every city built on its own site, while Jerusalem, the city of God, is razed and cast down to the depth of the abyss. Yet despite all this, our faith in God does not falter.

O Attribute of Mercy, be moved compassionately toward us.
Present supplication before our Maker, and plead for mercy on behalf of our people. For our hearts are faint and our heads are weary.

May it be Your will, You who hearest our weeping, to store our tears in Thy heavenly urn. Save us, O God, from cruel and harsh decrees. For towards Thee alone we cast our eyes.