Elokeinu Kadsheinu


E’lo’kei’nu VE’lo’kei A’vo’tei’nu – Re’tze ViM’nu’cha’tei’nu.

Kad’e’she’nu Be’Mitz’vo’te’cha Ve’Ten Chel’kei’nu Be’To’ra’te’cha.

Sab’ei’nu Mi’Tu’ve’cha Ve’Sa’mach Naf’shei’nu BY’shu’a’te’cha.

Ve’Ta’her Li’bei’nu Le’Av’de’cha Be’E’met.

Ve’Han’chi’lei’nu A’do’shem E’lo’kei’nu Be’A’ha’va U’Ve’Ra’tzon Sha’bat Kod’she’cha, Ve’Ya’nu’chu Vah Kol Yis’ra’el Me’Ka’de’shei Shme’cha.

Ba’ruch A’ta A’do’shem – Me’ka’desh Ha’Sha’bat.


Our God and God of our fathers – please find favor in our day of rest and make us holy with Your commandments. Grant us your goodness and gladden our souls with Your salvation, and make our hearts pure so we can serve You truthfully; and, Lord our God – grant us our heritage – Your holy Shabbat – in love and goodwill, and may all Israel who sanctify Your Name rest thereon.

Blessed are You, our Lord, who sanctifies the Shabbat.