Ein Ke’Er’ke’cha


Ein Ke’Er’ke’cha, Ve’Ein Zu’la’te’cha, E’fes Bil’te’cha, U’Mi Do’meh Lach. Ein Ke’Er’ke’cha, A’do’nai E’lo’hei’nu Ba’O’lam Ha’Zeh,
 Ve’Ein Zu’la’te’cha Mal’kei’nu Le’Cha’yei Ha’O’lam Ha’Ba. E’fes Bil’te’cha Go’a’lei’nu Li’mot Ha’Ma’shi’ach, Ve’Ein Do’meh Le’cha Mo’shi’ei’nu LiT’chi’yat Ha’Mei’tim.


There is no comparison to You, there is nothing except for You 
and there is nothing without You, for who is like You? 
There is no comparison to You Lord, our God, in this world;
 and there will be nothing except for You, our King, in the life of the world to come. There will be nothing without You, our Redeemer in Messianic days;
 and there will be none like You, our Savior, at the day of Resuscitation of the Dead.