D’ror Yikra


D’ror Yik’ra Le’Ven Im Bat, Ve’Yin’tzor’chem Ke’mo Va’Vat, Ne’im Shim’chem Ve’Lo Yush’bat, She’vu Ve’Nu’chu Be’Yom Sha’bat.

De’rosh Na’vi Ve’U’la’mi, Ve’Ot Ye’sha A’se I’mi,
 Ne’ta So’rek Be’Toch Kar’mi, She’ei Shav’at B’nei A’mi.


He will proclaim freedom for all men and women, and protect them like the apple of His eye. Honored will be your names, never to cease.
 So rest and be content on the holy Sabbath day.

Seek my sanctuary and my home, and show me a sign of salvation.
 Plant a vine within my vineyard,
 and listen to the laments of my people.