Chassidic Medley: Ashreinu / Uv’Yom Hashabbat / L’cha Dodi


a) Ashreinu – number 32.

b) UV’Yom HaShabbat – number 15.

c) L’cha Dodi.


L’cha Dodi

Le’cha Do’di Lik’rat Ka’la – Pe’nai Sha’bat Ne’Ka’be’la.

Sha’mor Ve’Za’chor Be’Di’bur E’chad,

HiSh’mi’a’nu El Ha’Me’Yu’chad.

Ha’Shem E’chad U’Sh’mo E’chad,

Le’Shem U’Le’Tif’e’ret Ve’Li’Te’hi’la.

MiK’dash Me’lech Ir Me’lu’cha,

K’umi Tze’i Mi’Toch Ha’Ha’fei’cha.

Rav Lach She’vet Be’E'mek Ha’Ba’cha,

Ve’Hu Yach’mol A’la'ich Chem’la.


Come my beloved to meet the Bride – let us welcome the Shabbat.

“Observe and remember” – the one and only God caused us to hear in a single utterance: the Lord is One and His Name is One, for renown, for glory and for praise.

Sanctuary of the King – His royal city – arise and go forth from the ruins –

too long have you dwelt in the valley of tears, and God will show you abounding mercy.