B’rich Sh’mei (Aramaic)


La Al E’nash Re’chitz’na Ve’La Al Bar E’la’hin Sa’mich’na, E’la Beh’E’la’ha Di’Shma’ya, De’Hu E’la’ha Ke’shot. Ve’O’rai’teh Ke’shot, U’Ne’vi’o’hi Ke’shot, U’Mas’ge Le’Me’bad Tav’van U’Ke’shot. Bay A’na Ra’chitz, Ve’Li’Shmei Ka’di’sha Ya’ki’ra A’na Ei’mar Tush’be’chan. Ye’hai Ra’a’va Ko’da’mach De’Tif’tach Li’ba’i Be’O’rai’ta, Ve’Tash’lim Mish’a’lin De’li’ba’i Ve’Li’ba De’Chol A’mach Yis’ra’el, Le’Tav U’Le’Cha’yin Ve’LiSh’lam.


I do not at any time put my trust in man, nor do I place my reliance on an angel, but only on the God of Heaven Who is the true God, whose Torah is truth, whose prophets are true, and who performs numerous deeds of goodness and truth. I put my trust in Him, and I utter praises to His holy and glorious Name. May it be Your will to open my heart to the Torah, and to fulfill the desires of my heart and the hearts of all your people of Israel for good, for life, and for peace.