Birkat Kohanim


E’lo’hei’nu Ve’lo’hei A’vo’tei’nu,
 Ba’re’chei’nu Va’Bra’cha Ha’Me’shu’le’shet 
Ba’To’ra Ha’Ke’tu’va Al Ye’dei Mo’she Av’de’cha, Ha’A’mu’ra Mi’Pi A’ha’ron U’Va’nav,
 Ko’ha’nim Am Ke’do’she’cha, Ka’A’mur:
 Ye’va’re’che’cha A’do’nai Ve’Yish’me’re’cha;
 Ya’er A’do’nai Pa’nav Ei’le’cha, Vi’Chu’ne’ka; 
Yi’sa A’do’nai Pa’nav Ei’le’cha, Ve’Ya’sem Le’cha Sha’lom.


Our God and God of our fathers,
 bless us with the threefold blessing
 written in the Torah by Moses Your servant, and pronounced by Aaron and his sons 
the Ko’ha’nim, Your consecrated people, as it is said: 
 The Lord blesses you and guards you. 
  The Lord makes His countenance shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turns His countenance toward you and grants you peace.