Av Ha’Rachamim Hu Yerachem


Av Ha’Ra’cha’mim Hu Ye’ra’chem Am A’mu’sim, Ve’Yiz’kor Brit Ei’ta’nim, Ve’Ya’tzil Naf’sho’tei’nu Min Ha’Sha’ot Ha’Ra’ot, Ve’Yig’ar Be’Ye’tzer Ha’Ra Min Ha’Ne’su’im, Ve’Ya’chon O’ta’nu Lif’lai’tat O’la’mim, Vi’Ma’le Mish’a’lo’tei’nu Be’Mi’da To’va Ye’shu’a Ve’Ra’cha’mim.


May the All Merciful Father have compassion on the people borne by Him, and remember the Covenant with the mighty ones [the Patriarchs]; may He deliver our souls from evil times, and banish the evil impulse from the ones carried by Him; may He graciously grant us eternal survival and fulfill our wishes in ample measure for salvation and mercy.