Performers can specialize in any musical style, and some performers play in a variety of different styles. Examples of a performer's possible skills include performing, conducting, singing, composing, arranging, and the orchestration of music. The performers found on the Recorded Sound Archives (RSA) website are either in the public domain, or have signed an agreement allowing us to stream their music through our website. There are well over 100,000 recordings of various types, all of which can be searched for. Not all performers or songs are made available due to copyright restrictions in these instances only a listing for the recording will appear or a snippet can be heard. If no recordings appear below it is because this performer's music has not yet been digitized. If you would like to request this artist be digitized, please click here.

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A Briew Fun A Dienst; Ich Will Nicht Sein Kein Reb...
Cantan: Henri Gerro y Rosita Londner
Dem Seiden's Meinsele; Dem Seiden's Meinsele - Par...
Der Araber; Chapt Nicht
Der Zingendiker Milner / Lomir Zikh Iberbetn
Di Beste Lider Fun Di Beste Zingers - Sides 1 & 2
Di Beste Lider Fun Di Beste Zingers - Sides 3 & 4
Di Beste Lieder fun Di Beste Zingers
Dos Redl Fun Mazl / Davidl Klezmer
Henri Gerro - Rosita Londoner
Henri Gerro - Rosita Londoner
Lacht zusammen mit Gerro
Mazel Tov Jidn
Yiddish: New York - paris - Varsovie 1910-1940 - D...
Ziesse Folks Lieder (Sweet Folk Songs)